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oct 24 TUE @ 7pm
Radio cafe - nashville, tn

nov 9 thur @ 6pm
the five spot - nashville, tn

nov 20 mon @ 6pm
The Country - Nashville, TN


RETOUCH #3.jpg
RETOUCH #3.jpg



Written by Emily Keil and Kyle Lampi
Produced by Kyle Lampi
Recorded with Lampi Production in East Nashville, TN


Acoustic Sessions

Written and Performed by Emily Keil
Produced by Kyle Lampi
Released November 15, 2015
Available on ITunes


EMMY RIVAL announces her debut self­titled EP to release March 2017, with lead single “Native Gold." An anti­-fairytale relationship inspired the conversational and expressive EP, elevated by empowerment rather than agony. “Native Gold” features pop melodies and cinematic, spectral electronic production. 

Born Emily Keil, EMMY Rival shines in creating confessional lyrics from the end of a decade long relationship. The EP is a winding walk along the path to self­-worth and the right to dignity. Rather than running away from darkness, EMMY Rival uses it to build a powerful inner empire. The moniker of EMMY Rival became the embodiment of the person Keil aims to be.

Rival's time at the studio in both Los Angeles working alongside many pop icons helped develop her musical confidence. Nashville producer Kyle Lampi helped her compose the pop sound on her debut EP. The two worked together to form an impressive and effortlessly transparent debut release.